2 марта “Center Stage” бронь билетов
February 22, 2019
Бардо – трилер на 1 дію (моновистава)
March 13, 2019

Мастер классы в Киеве - Eldad Ben-Sasson and Anna Possarnig

Среда-Пятница 10.04-12.04

9:00 - 10:00 Гирокинезис (Анна Поссаринг) открытый
10:15 - 11:45 Контемпорари Memory In.Formation (Eldad Ben-Sasson) открытый
12:00 - 14:00 Контемпорари ПРО соло (16+) (Анна и Эльдад) закрытый (8 человек)
14.30 - 16:00 Контемпорври ПРО (16+) (Анна и Эльдад) закрытый (8 человек)

Суббота и Воскресенье 13.04-14.04
11:00-12:00 Гирокинезис (Анна Поссаринг) открытый
12:15 - 13:45 Контемпорари Memory In.Formation (Eldad Ben-Sasson) открытый
14:00 - 15:30 Контемпорари ПРО СОЛО (16+) (Анна и Ельдад) закрытый (8 человек)
16.00 - 17:30 Контемпорари ПРО СОЛО (16+) (Анна и Ельдад) закрытый (8 человек)
Финальный Показ в воскресенье 14 апреля 19:00

!!!Максимальное количество людей на открытых классах 20 человек

Курс Гирокинезиса 1200 грн (5 классов) открытый класс

Курс Memory Information 1800 грн (5 классов)

Гирокинезис+Memory Information=2500 грн при оплате до 1 апреля 2800 грн после

Гирокинезис+Memory In.Formation+Контемпорари Соло ПРО (16+) (20 классов+показ и все медиа материалы и сертификат)=9900 грн при оплате до 1 апреля-СУПЕРЦЕНА!

Курс ПРО Соло
- только 8 человек в зале
- 10 классов
- финальный показ (сцена, свет, звук)
- фото и видео сопровождение классов и показа
- сертификат
- кофе брейк
- медиа поддержка

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8500 грн при оплате до 1 апреля, 9500 грн после
Предоплата 100%, не возвращается в случае отказа от участия по любым причинам (!!!)
Курс соло Про позволит Вам найти новые инструменты для постановки соло и поработать с ними, поставить и показать свою работу work in progress, выставить свет и отснять материал. Это тот вид классов, которые призваны менять сознание и вектор развития танцовщика и хореографа в другую, качественно лучшую сторону..

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Eldad Ben-Sasson

Choreographer, dancer and teacher

After his graduation from the Bat-Dor School of Dance, Eldad joined the Vertigo Dance Company, directed by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha'al. In 1998 he joined the Bat-Sheva dance company, where he danced to choreography by Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek, Sharon Eyal, Paul Norton, Yoshifumi Inao,Yossi Berg and others.
In 2007 Eldad began to establish himself as an independent choreographer and freelance dancer.
With his creation “4 of a kind” he won the 1st place and the best dancer award in the CCBC- International Choreography Contest in Copenhagen (Denmark),
He has been collaborating with other choreographers such as: Alexandra Waierstall, Orjan Andersson, Michael Getman, Noa Dar, Shintaro Oue, Valentina Lutsenko and more.
Throughout the years Eldad has been creating numerous projects and choreographic works for universities, companies, and festivals such as Curtain Up (Israel) and International Exposure (Israel). He travels and performs around the world with his works and as a guest performer in different projects.

Anna Possarnig

licensed GYROKINESIS® Method trainer and Nuad Thai practitioner

Anna Possarnig graduated from the modern and contemporary dance education of ”Studio an der Wien”.
2009-2011 Neoba Danse company and Barkati Dance Company.
2011 Liz King D.ID Cie. And toured Austria with the piece “Icarus&Newton” - including a performance at “österreich tanzt” at Eestspielhaus St.Pölten.
SInce 2012, Anna Possarnig is part of Tanzcoop ensemble and performed in several festivals, for example “Poolbar Festival”, “Tanzhafen Festival”,“Pelzverkehr” Klagenfurtand “Albanian Dance Meeting Festival”.
In 2016 she graduated from Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität with a Bachelors degree in dance and dance pedagogy.
In spring 2016 she presented her first choreographic work “Heteronomia”. In spring her first Solo work „Protagonist“ was performed in Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt in context of the program Dance2Art.
As well as the duet and interdisciplinary work „Bauhaus tanzt“ premiered in Linz and developed into two full evening productions for three dancers and a musician in 2017/18 and toured internationally. Anna is founding member of Pop-Up Collective (PUC) and MovementLazuz.
She is actively teaching Contemporary Dance and Ballet and is a licensed GYROKINESIS® Method trainer and Nuad Thai practitioner.


GYROKINESIS The GYROKINESIS method combines principles of Yoga, Dance and Somatics. The holistic approach connects mind and body and opens the meridians of the body so that the energy can travel from a strong and subtle centre. Through continuous round and spiraled movement, initiated by breath and centre, GYROKINESIS stimulates the nervous system, places the joints, creates support in the whole range of motion and improves flexibility. The rhythmic use of the breath and idea of a constant flow creates musicality, a sense of dancing and stamina. Dance professionals as well as athletes all over the world use this method refine their coordination and use their skill to full extent. Besides GYROKINESIS is also being used in physiotherapy and can be adapted easily to all body types and age groups.

Memory In.Formation

The class connects between creativity and structured exercises/tasks in the dancer’s work. It is based upon my experience with Ohad Naharin’s method and many other ideas, concepts, exercises from my education, personal life and career and philosophy as well.
The aim is to enrich and improve the intuitive experience of the dancer, using the body’s “memory” in creating a movement that leaves “new” traces of memories in space, and practicing how to identify them and how to relate to them. During the class I speak constantly in order to structure exercises, giving clear instructions for improvisation, and stamina exercises for strengthening. The class has no official break. The challenge of the class is to be in a constant state of body and mind connection, to elaborate our own abilities and to be available for multitasking.
The workshop/classes will focus on the connection between creativity and imagination in the dancer's work, opening the awareness of using the five senses. We are working with analytical thought and physical feelings in different situations, as experienced by the body. We will use this way of working with different movement material, to be able to understand the journey. Through the research we will create our own interpretations. The aim is to enrich and improve the intuitive experience of the dancer using the body memory in creating a movement that leaves "new" traces of memories in space, and practicing how to identify and relate to them. This method wishes to give tools to the dancers to better identify the movement and work more efficiently in front of different choreographers.


ГирокинезисMemory in farmationГирокинезис+MiFКурс ПРО соло